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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
February 27, 2002

Approved:  March 13, 2002

Members Present:         John D. Flynn, Chair – Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves & Joseph Mascaro

Bills:                             Clerk Month of February:  60 Hours @ $13.41 = $804.60

                                    Remaining In Expense Account:                               $279.80


1)   Minutes of February 13th were approved as read.

2)   Community Preservation Act:                Flynn reported that the next meeting is scheduled for March 12th.  He will mail a copy of the legislative act to our Board members to review.  The committee has asked that the representative of each Board ask the members what they see as their role in this study and what recommendations do we have as to where the money should be spent.  We will discuss this at our next meeting on March 13th.

3)   E.Q. 418:         There was a general discussion as to whether or not we see a need to get involved.  Flynn suggested that we either spend an hour on it at every meeting or we ignore it.  Reeves said we could spend $5,000.00 on the Scope of Services and then walk away.  PVPC would not do the final $30,000.00 work unless we hire them to start us.

      Melissa made a motion that we go for the $5,000.00 by making a proposal and engaging the PVPC to help with the preplanning.  Vote to agree 3 – 1, Mascaro voting nay.

      The Selectmen will need to make application.  Chair will speak to Duane Mosier regarding this decision.

4)   Steepleview Drive:        The Performance Guarantee retains $5,000.00 since October 2000 to allow for the return to the original storm water design in the event the lower retention basin does not perform as anticipated.  The retainage is to be returned to Mr. Cimmino after one year of monitoring the lower basin.  This has not been completed as yet.  Flynn will speak to the engineer of record, Gary Weiner regarding this issue.

5)   Dunkin Donuts: Flynn will speak with Gary Weiner about the conditions related to the site plan that have not been completed – (bike rack, lamp post). 

6)  South Ridge Estates:      A letter was received 2/27 from Dana Pixley regarding issues he sees as needing review.  He commented on “Tree Planting,” “Street Sweeping and Catch Basin Cleaning,” “Asphalt Berm Adjustments and Repairs,” and driveways.

      Clerk sent a copy of this letter to Russ Morton and in speaking to him on the telephone, he agreed with all except the driveways.  The Board agrees that the driveway issue is not part of the acceptance and is a Building Inspector issue with each homeowner.

      Tighe & Bond has not as yet responded to our inspection request.

7)   Hearing for Warrant Articles:                The Public Hearing will be rescheduled for Wednesday, April 10th as Chair will not be in Town on the suggested date of March 27th.  It will be advertised in the Reminder on March 25th and April 1st.

Meeting Adjourned:            8:15pm

Next Meeting:                     March 13, 2002

 Respectfully Submitted,

 Judith M. Jackson, Clerk