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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
February 13, 2002

Approved:  February 27, 2002

Members Present:  John D. Flynn, Joseph A. Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel, Joseph Mascaro

 The minutes of the January 23rd meeting were approved as read.

 7:05  -  Diana Sousa, PVPC Re: E.O. 418

            Diana said if the Town was going to participate, we need to appoint a committee to come up with a “scope of services” to address four specific areas.  Melissa attended a meeting in Monson at which Kathy Kroll talked about the overall development.  If a Town does not become certified, it will be ineligible to access a number of state funding resources covering housing, transportation, community development and environmental issues.

            Members determined that we do need an Open Space Plan and an updated Master Plan, but one of the problems is finding people to work on any committee.  Flynn asked, when we’re done and have a community development plan, what is done with it?  Does it have a force of law?  If we put our energies into it, can the Town afford the projects that follow?

            Diana brought in materials, as follows, but there still is a lack of understanding regarding the need to get involved.  We would need to use consultants, and the initial $5,000.00 wouldn’t go very far.

             Documents:      EO418 Community Development Plan
                                    Model Outline Preplanning Scope
                                    Preplanning Agreement and Scope of Services
                                    Hatfield’s Master Plan for the 21st Century Executive Summary

                                    EO418 Technical Assistance Booklet #1
                                    Scope of Services for CD Planning
                                    Bulletin #2        10/18/01
                                    Bulletin #3        10/18/01

                                    Update Nov. 7, 2001 – CPD must be completed by 6/30/2003

                                    “Dept. of Housing & Community Dev.” To Harvard, MA
                                    Re: Scope of Services for Community Dev. –
                                    Master Planning 10/16/01

Booklets   –      “There’s No Place Like Our Home”
                        “State Of The Pioneer Valley Region-2001”
                        “Conserving Rural Lands – 1997”

Selectman Duane Mosier came in to talk about several issues, and told us that affordable housing in Hampden is anything that is valued under $252,000.00.  He also had talked with Kathy Kroll of the PVPC.  As yet, he isn’t convinced that we should go with EO418.


            The Board reviewed the decision as prepared by the Clerk and voted 4 – 0 (Mascaro absent from decision meeting) to have the Chair endorse it.  It will be filed with the Town Clerk and a copy mailed to D. Niccum.

 ARTICLE #17 – Approval 8.3.3

            The Board reviewed the Jan. 10, 2002 replay from the Atty. General’s office approving the language inserted after the April 30, 2001 Town Meeting, and submitted for approval at the Oct. 29, 2001 Special Town Meeting.


            There is a single map depicting this area in the Town Clerk’s office for the public to review when needed.  Eva Wiseman is attempting to purchase a large bulletin board with some type of overlay window to display this type of thing.  For now she keeps it on file and brings it out as need.

 ZONING BYLAW 4.5 Re: Accessory Building Setback

            The Building Inspector was absent tonight and Mr. Walbridge of Wehr Road wanted an opinion on his chance of adding onto his garage.  He cannot meet the required 25’ setback.  He wants to enlarge his existing one bay garage that is attached to a breezeway adjoining the house.  A detached accessory building pre-1967 lot would need a 20’ setback.


            There are still inquiries into the sign, which is legal and doesn’t violate the Bylaw.  It might be suggested that the height be knocked down.  There were to be two bike racks – the one by the bank has not been put in.  One light is left to be fixed.


 Zoning: Town Counsel faxed wording changes to John D.  Chair made Selectmen’s office aware of the changes.

 South Ridge:     A letter will be sent to Ton daCruz to let him know that the subdivision is on the warrant for acceptance and a review will need to be done to make certain there are no items left to be done.  He will be told to get in touch with J. Kruzel by E-Mail at: if he needs to talk with a member.

 Citizen Planner: March 9, Holy Cross College 8:30am – 3pm  -  Flynn said he would like to attend and hoped another member would go with him.  There are several current topics.  Since the fee has gone up to $40.00, we could fund half.

 Meeting Adjourned:      9:00pm

 Next Meeting:               February 27, 2002 @ 7pm                          


 Respectfully Submitted,

 Judith M. Jackson, Clerk