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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Planning Board
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
January 23, 2002

Approved:  February 13, 2002


Members Present:
John D. Flynn, Chair, Joseph “Charlie” Dolben, Melissa Reeves, Joseph Kruzel

Member Absent:            
Joseph Mascaro

 The minutes of the Public Hearing and Regular Meeting held on January 9 were approved as read.

 Dolben noted that under the Item (6) Mini-Mall Traffic, it would probably be the franchisee of the Dunkin’ Donuts that would put in speed bumps if needed, after consulting with the mall owner.

 (1)        Special Permit Vote   Re:  Public Hearing for David Niccum on Request for a Special Permit to Have a Home Occupation in an Accessory Building Located at 13 Colonial Village.

 The Board voted unanimously, four present (4-0) to approve the Special Permit for a home occupation in an accessory building for the lot identified as 13 Colonial Village as provided in Use Section 6.12 of the Zoning Bylaw of the Town of Hampden.

 The Board discussed the use and will make the Special Permit subject to the following conditions:

1:  The provisions covering use as a Home Occupation; Section 2.71, 7.12, and 7.5411.2 are affirmed and specifically incorporated in the special permit as limited below.

2:  The use shall be limited to the manufacture of handcrafted items, such as lanterns.

3:  There shall be no use of chemicals other than those customarily used in household applications.

4:  The use covered by this Special Permit is limited to the existing barn out-building as presented by the petitioner.

5:  There shall be no person, other than residents of the premises, employed with the proposed use except on an occasional and infrequent basis.

6:  There shall be no increase in traffic on the existing right-of-way resulting from the use approved herein.

7:  Failure to comply with all conditions stated herein shall be deemed cause to revoke or modify this Special Permit.

8:  The notice of this Special Permit granting by the Planning Board shall be recorded in the Registry of Deeds within the chain of title of the affected property and noted in the Registry’s Grantor Index under the name of the owner of the subject land.

 2)  Community Preservation Act Committee

 John D. is representing the Planning Board on this committee,  CPA which met with the selectman and then held an introductory meeting this past Monday, January 14th.  The next meeting is scheduled to elect officers.

 3)  Fed. Of Planning Board

 John D. Flynn has been elected as western area representative and will be attending a meeting on Saturday in Newton.

 4)  EO 418

 Reeves had nothing to report and took a copy of the current Master Plan and the original Master Plan to review.

 5)  Signage Discussion – Member Project?

 In looking at the new lighted Dunkin’ Donuts sign, which does comply with the Bylaw, it is wondered if this type of area having several businesses should be given a certain measurement to be divided by the owner equally among the businesses being represented.  We need to look at aggregate signage.

 6)  Budget

 The Advisory Committee has offered to go over our budget if we feel it is necessary.  Since our budget is level funded and the Clerk will get the allotted raise, the Board felt it was not necessary to make an appointment as offered. 

7)  Town Report

 Flynn has submitted the Annual Report and thanked the members for their input.

 8)  Town Meeting Articles

 Town Meeting Articles have been worded and submitted to the Selectmen.  There are 7 zoning articles and one to accept South Ridge Estates.  We will plan our hearing for late March (27th?) or earl April (10?).

 9)  Meetings for February

 Meetings are scheduled for Feb. 13 and 27. 

 Respectfully Submitted,

 Judith M. Jackson, Clerk