Conservation Commission

Special Meeting

January 27, 2005

Town House


Members present: Charlie Schmitt, Pat Cote, Phil Grant, Scott Rumplik, Cindi Connors.

Members absent: Candice Keddy 

7:09 pm Meeting called to order. 

- Review of previous (01/10/05) meeting minutes.  Pat motions to approve, Phil 2nds. 

- Open space preservation and funding, Charlie to represent ConComm on 02/10/2005 at CPA meeting

- Forest Cutting Plan, Lamoureux, 195 Glendale Rd 02/14/2005 start date

Question delineation of wetlands, State Forrester approval, (Scott to contact)

- Abutters are appealing the decision of ConComm on Scantic Meadows, Mass. DEP # 173-195 

- Budget for FY 2006, $5300 for clerical and $1000 for expenses (Cindi, Charlie) 

-Schedule site visits: Hermanet, MLNH, and Green Meadows Elementary School (Cindi) 

- Order of Conditions for Scantic Meadows, general conditions, form to be completed (Cindi), Phil and Charlie to sign and have notarized

            Notify Mr. Speight when complete. 

-7:30 pm Charlie moves to open hearing on Persaud property to order, Phil 2nds motion

Peter Levesque and Andrew Persaud present

Abutters within 300 notified of meeting

Amherst Civil Engineering original NOI on 10/04, granted a variance 55 set back from town of Hampden, Peter Levesque amended NOI, revised wetland delineation, used soil and vegetation criteria to delineate.

Pat questions whether this has been before the Hillside & Ridgeline committee, and questions if permanent monumentation of vegetative buffer is planned.

            Slope stabilization plan is to be completed by Peter Levesque and submitted to ConComm within 21 days.

(Order of Conditions)

- Geo Web on 3:1 slope and plantings of a nature that will maintain slope integrity

            -  (4) Four permanent monuments to be installed

            -   Vegetative buffer identification condition to be added to deed 

8:47 Charlie motions to close hearing on Persaud property, and close meeting, Pat 2nds motion, all ConComm members in favor.