Conservation Commission

Special Meeting

February 9, 2005

Town House


    Members present: Charlie Schmitt, Pat Cote, Phil Grant, Candice Keddy, Cindi Connors.

    Member absent:  Scott Rumplik 

    7:04 pm Meeting called to order. 

    - Review of previous (01/27/05) meeting minutes.  Phil motions to approve with 1 correction, Charlie 2nds. 

    - Douglas Farmer from Hampden-Wilbraham Times present for a general discussion with the ConComm board 

    - Warrant for clerk hours submitted and signed by Charlie 

    - Forest Cutting Plan, Lamoureux, 195 Glendale Rd 02/14/2005 start date

        Question delineation of wetlands, State Forrester approval, Scott contacted and was informed that this was just a courtesy copy we received. 

    - We need to formulate a letter on behalf of Bruce Kibbe to Dana Pixley to have two trees removed by the town.  (Phil to forward previous letter  to clerk for amendment to current situation) 

    - Motion for new meeting date, the 3rd Wednesday of the month, Phil motions to approve, Charlie 2nds. 

    -7:30 pm Charlie moves to open hearing on Hermanet property to order, Phil 2nds motion

        Previous DEP file # 173-149 for common driveway for lots 101 & 102 Thresher Rd.  There is a valid OC from 2003.

        This is a single-family home to be built.  Work is being proposed within the 100’ discretionary buffer zone, with a limited amount of work  within 200’ of Temple Brook.

    Pat questions the existence of vernal pools and the estimated habitat of endangered species.

    This is a known box, wood and spotted turtle habitat.

    Awaiting response form Natural Heritage

    Mike Mocko requests a continuance until response received. 

    Charlie moves to continue until 03/16/05 @ 7:30 pm

    -7:43 pm Charlie motions to close hearing on Hermanet property, Phil 2nds motion 

    -Brooke Tyler, 77 Stafford Rd.  Notified us of equipment in place.  Charlie to be contacted by Mr. Tyler when silt fence is up.   

    - 7:45 pm Charlie motions to open meeting on MLNH, Phil 2nds

      Present are Tracy Adamski, Tighe & Bond, and Steve Levin, owner representative.

     -Existing conditions

            Bank of Scantic delineated by previous ConComm & OC 2003

            Flood plain line by 100-year flood plain map

            Majority of site is already within 200’of riverfront

     -Proposed conditions

            Required by consent order h2o supply well.

            Upgrade septic to underground wastewater treatment facility with above ground control building

            Impervious area

            47000 sq ft of pavement to be reduced to 27000 sq ft

            Reducing by 4000 sq ft on entire site

            900 sq ft within the waterfront area

            Sediment to be handled by 4 bay for storm water management

            Charlie expressed concern of directed flow towards one (berm) area

            Proposed planting scheme presented

            Within wood turtle habitat

            No DEP or Natural Heritage response

            Pat requests that a 25’ no disturb boundary be placed on map 

    -The following to be included in Order of Conditions:

            1 No heavy equipment

            2 Crushed stone under deck to minimize erosion

            3 Habitat and Natural Heritage response

            4 Easement drafted to run h2o line to serve Valley Food Mart and MLNH

               A. Abandoned well from MLNH

   B. Well easements 

** Note 03/09/05 meeting before Planning Board

From John Flynn:


Clean out of the septic tanks

Aquifer district, is MLNH affected

Prescriptive easement for Valley Food Mart for delivery access in rear of building

If storm system will be required 

Pat requesting vegetative information along berm for run off and erosion control.

-9 pm Charlie moves to continue MLNH, Phil 2nds

From Gary Weiner:

  Sounds like MLNH is a re-development project, in being so they need to try and reach the 80% TSS, (Total Suspended Solids) threshold

-9:02 pm Charlie moves to open the hearing on Green Meadows Elementary School Phil 2nds      


Requesting permission to clear brush and small tress to top of ridge.

Charlie Schmitt, Phil Grant and Cindi Connors viewed this area on site walk.

This area is to be used for recreation.

If grading is to be done, an NOI will be filed

Charlie motions for Negative Determination, since work would not alter buffer zone, Phil 2nds motion.


9:25 pm Charlie motions to close hearing on Green Meadows School, Phil 2nds.


9:36 pm Charlie motions to open hearing on Memorial Park, Phil 2nds.


Requesting disconnect of overflow pipe in the beach area of the pool, by use of a silt fence below stream and excavation site to dig and then back fill pipe to segregate the pool from the resource area.

Phil motions for issuance of Negative Determination, Charlie 2nds, all ConComm members in agreement.

Pat and Charlie would like to see an overflow plan for the pool


9:35 pm Charlie moves to close meeting, Phil 2nds.